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I just wanted to tell you thank you both for the Spirit of God and the spirit of humility that emanates through your articles. It is so refreshing to me as a pastor to know that there are those in the Body of Christ who take seriously a ministry such as yours.

We believe in servant leadership and I see it in you both. Thank you for refreshing my spirit. God bless you both!
Pastor Myra Bell - USA

Armorbearers International's purpose is to help leaders and supporters build strong teams especially in the local church. We do this through the teaching ministry of (Varn and Earma Brown) and the many insightful articles and resources found on our website.

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Continue Walking In Faith And Victory

Are you still going strong? You know Jesus said first to the Jews and now to us who believe, "If you continue in My Word, you will truly become my disciples." So, it's an important question. I remember when the inscription was really popular 'Finish Strong.' It reminded us of the need to finish with all your might. And sometimes it seems to take all your might to finish well...

Armorbearers Servant Leaders Helps Ministry

In the kingdom of God, there is a receiving season, a serving season and a ministry season. If you are an armorbearer you are mostly in your serving season. You are either just starting, right in the middle of it and happy about it. Or, you're beginning to see the end of the line and trying to act like you aren’t sad about it, but you know it’s coming. Don’t be sad, there’s always a promotion. Here's a quick story...

In The Dry Place Gods Test And The Temptation

I want to talk to you about the seasons of life the Spirit of the Lord takes us through. Our God is a sovereign God and he knows what is best for us. As believers, we all should be willing to allow the Spirit of the Lord to have his way within us. I have found out that the Lord will have his way, anyway, and all we can do is say, “Lord, have your way.” (Smile.)

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Hello! I've been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman TX! Just wanted to mention keep up the great job! -ElliottBarger


Wow! I don't know how to put in words how this touched my soul. This is very true with more people than not, sad to say. I wasn't looking for this but God must have needed me to find it! Thank you for true obedience! God bless you both.....real good! -Patrice

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Blessing God for you both. This is really good meat here! I am full. Thanks -Linda
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Touch Not God's Anointed


Your blog today has truly ministered to me. I have been crying out to God to help me...I know that this message is God speaking directly to me about this. Thank you for hearing from God and sharing with us armorbearers.

Sharon Harris
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Gods Armor-Bearer Meekness and Militancy