Varn and Earma Brown

Varn and Earma Brown, authors and ministers of the Gospel live in northern Texas. Former armorbearers and ministry assistants to their Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes at Covenant Church, the Brown's passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

Content Posted by Varn and Earma Brown

FAQ: Leaders Don't Speak About Armorbearing At All?

Question....I feel strongly led to serve my Pastors in any area that is needed. The problem is this...They do not teach or talk about armorbearing at all. Actually, I see the associate female Pastor (the pastors wife) doing many more things than s...

FAQ: Competitive Issue or Training Needed?

Featured Armorbearer Question: Do you have clear lines of authority drawn on your team? Or would some extra training be helpful to help everyone find their place and position? Read this featured armorbearer question and find out what Varn/Earma's ...

FAQ: Should I Try to Explain Armor bearing to My Pastor?

Honestly, have you felt my leader just doesn't GET IT and thought maybe I should try to explain...Wait! Stop right there, here's a perspective you must read...   I know you advocate being submissive to one's leaders and truly I am...I have been ...

Careful! Don't Touch My Anointed!

Every person supporting another or even submitting to a leader may deal with this attitude at one time or another...Read here to find out if you are or have been TOO Familiar...

Get Control of Yourself

Do you find yourself losing your temper a lot and regretting it later? You may have hidden anger or just need to develop the fruit of the Spirit called self-control. Read this article and find out how to grow in self-control...

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