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Creating the Character of Christ One Good Choice At a Time

Our Father God is painstakingly involved in working character in us. Read this article and discover how to cooperate with Him through one good choice at a time...

7 Ways to Beautify Yourself In Christ

Is your inner person beautiful in Christ? We all know what beautiful means in our natural world. Something or someone pleasing to the eyes is a good definition of physical beauty. Have you thought about what it means to be beautiful in spirit? Do you know if you are pleasing in God's eyes? (Beautiful)

Just Say No to Criticism of God's Leader

How would you like your reputation in the ministry of serving to follow you the rest of your life? It could happen. In fact, that is exactly what happened to Elisha. He had developed faithfulness, loyalty, integrity, and strength of character through the ministry of serving Elijah...

FAQ: Too Tired to Focus On Servanthood

Have you ever found yourself too busy to do what's most important to you? If so, it may be time for you to prioritize. Read Earma's response to someone too tired to focus... Question: Earma I need your advice. I am an armorbearer to my 1st Lady an...

5 Ways to Grow As an Armor bearer

Has God been calling you to grow as an armor bearer? Read this article and grow until you are fully grown in Christ...

Check Your Heart to Flow In Brotherly Kindness

Have you felt cynical about God's people or even disenchanted with His Church? Don't worry. Lot's of us long time Christians have...you may just need a heart check up?

7 Ways to Fan Into Flame the Gift of God Within You

Do you need your service fires stirred? Read this article and fan into flame your gift... Stir up your gift to the glory of God!

Sowing Your Seeds of Service In God's Kingdom

ac-sowingseeds150.jpgHave you wondered if your service to God matters in the large scheme of things? Really, have you wondered who cares? I can say without any doubt in my heart; God cares about your service. Even if sowing your seeds of service has simply been handing a glass of water to the least of your brethren, your leaders, your flock or your family it matters to God.

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