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Serve With A Good Attitude

Wear Godly garments. Be careful of the attitude you wear when serving your leader. One of my previous team leaders said often, "I am careful of my attitude and mindset when I serve my leaders because whether I intend to or not I often transfer it to them...

Be Steadfast

Did you receive a word of prophecy so long ago that it looks like it may never come to pass? Whatever your case may be, the point is it has been an extended length of time. Whether it has been months that was expected to be weeks or years that you expected to be months, I encourage you to re-apply the NOW factor of faith. You know the ‘I believe I received when I prayed’ principle, we’ve all been taught. Then dream again; believe again; receive again...

Just Be Blog Series Be Filled

Have you received the full gospel of Christ? Jesus paid such a horrible price so that we might receive the fullness of God. In honor of His death and in celebration of His Resurrection, we the people of God embrace all the benefits God has reserved for us in Christ.

The Name Of The Lord Is A Strong Tower

Years ago, I was visiting my parents home for the Thanksgiving holidays. We were all sitting around the table talking, joking and laughing. Suddenly the wind blew the door ajar. Someone got up to close the door and looking outside said, "There's a tornado coming this way!"

Breakthrough Cometh

Years ago, I had an epiphany1 while listening to a man of God preach. He was doing just what Rev. Brown did last week. He broke the message of Christ down to understandable terms. He presented Christ the Lamb of God. He once again explained the message of Christ our substitute and the terrible price that was paid for our redemption. He explained the transaction of heaven that reconciled humanity to their creator God.

Jehovah Rohi The Great Shepherd

Today we proclaim our Father as the One who changes not. He was, is and always will be Shepherd to His people in the Old Testament, New Testament and to the generations into eternity. We are under the pastoral care of God. Meet Jehovah-Rohi, the Lord our shepherd. Psalm 23:1

We The Shepherds

Are you a care-taker of God's flock? A shepherd is one who gathers, leads and tends a flock. So, no matter where you lead in the church, whether it's apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, elder or leader you are involved in shepherding God's people. Yes, dear small group leader, you are helping tend God's flock...

The Year of the Congregation

Are you a part of a local church congregation yet? No, really are you plugged in or just skirting the outsides with an occasional visit on Easter or another favorite holiday? Or are you dutifully going because that's what you were taught to do as a young person? Either way, I have great news; there's some powerful reasons to get involved in your local church and why this is the year to do it...

We The Sheep Part I

One of my fondest memories as a young girl is the traditional picture of Jesus leading the sheep and carrying a lamb in His arms. The painter captured the gentleness and care Jesus has for the sheep. Whenever, I’m feeling lost in the maze of life, the Holy Spirit has been faithful to remind me of Christ my Chief Shepherd.

The Days of Recompense Have Come

Have you noticed Father God takes up for His people? He wants you to know, He not only has your back; He has a payback designed just for you. I’ve learned God doesn’t waste any of our pain or troubles. He’s a God that compensates and even repays you for your works, good or bad. Prophet Jeremiah declares, "For the Lord is the God of recompense. He will surely repay."

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