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Heroes In Gods House 6 Stephen And Phillip A Dynamic Duo

Stephen and Phillip, two of the first deacons, demonstrated an anointing to serve. They started out waiting tables in the Apostles’ feeding program. The Apostles qualified the first deacons with certain qualities that should be present in all who serve.

Heroes In Gods House 4 The Spirit Of The Finisher

Do you finish things? You know when your leader speaks of you, can they say, "One of the things I love about (You) is when given an assignment, I know things will be finished (completed) in excellence." Before you answer here’s three major witnesses of the work of a finisher..

Heroes In Gods House 3 King Samaria And His Right Hand Man

Are you in agreement with your leader's vision? If you are, that's great. Every leader needs a team that follows and supports their vision of victory and success for their church. But for those of you who not quite there yet, here's a perspective to think about...

Heroes In Gods House

In ancient days, the nation of Israel had sinned. The Midianites had oppressed them to grinding poverty. They came and destroyed their crops and everything else they could see during harvest time, leaving them nothing to live on. Then they came in and took over the land with their people, ways of living and their camels.  According to historians, the camels were countless. Think about the last time you saw a camel. My point is camels are no small animal. So, it was a lot of camels and people invading the land. The Israelites cried out to God in desperation for help...

The Good Work Started In You

Are we there yet? Are you walking in the divine destiny of God? Let me prepare your heart and mind with something many of us don't consider. The divine destiny journey is a life long journey. Even those of us who think we have connected with our divine destiny in this season and are faithfully walking it out...

Continue Walking In Faith And Victory

Are you still going strong? You know Jesus said first to the Jews and now to us who believe, "If you continue in My Word, you will truly become my disciples." So, it's an important question. I remember when the inscription was really popular 'Finish Strong.' It reminded us of the need to finish with all your might. And sometimes it seems to take all your might to finish well...

The Energy Of Words

Have you ever said something, you wished you hadn't said? Just a few days ago, I wrote words in a Facebook post that sounded all right at the time to the women I encourage at WOW Women Global. Later, the Holy Spirit prompted me that it was too harsh and too direct. I remembered the words of a past leader, its better that we err on the side of mercy.

The Anointing To Serve

What do you think of when I say, 'anointing?'  Most people think of the anointing as something mystical that either you have or do not have. On the other hand, many mistakenly think God’s power to do only rests upon those who publicly minister—preach, teach, prophesy, etc. I have heard it often said of someone, “He’s not anointed to do anything. He has no ministry...

Divine Destiny Starts With Serve

A young (12 year old) relative of mine, kept asking his youth pastor could he start serving as an usher...

Raising Giant Slayers The Divine Yes

Years ago, my then pastor asked me to stand up in a church service to receive a word of prophecy. His words were, "God says he's going to settle you. No more will you be tossed about. No more will you move with uncertainty. I'm settling you starting from the inside out. Like Me, your yes will be yes and your no will be no..."

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