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Lead Strong Workshop


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Ministry Workshops:

"Training leadership teams, armorbearers and servant leaders to develop strong teams in the local Church"


Workshop designed for your leadership and support ministries

Varn Brown, Sr. and Earma Brown, both ministers of the gospel and authors of multiple books love to speak on Leadership, ArmorBearing, Servant Leadership and Ministry of Helps topics. We are grateful for the requests they receive to participate in events. For each request a number of factors (location, attendance, scheduling, etc.) are taken into consideration. Send an Invitation Letter via email or fill in the online form at the bottom of this page to request participation in your conference, meeting or workshop. Someone from our team will follow-up with you within 72 hours of submitting the event form.



...greatly impacted attendees

Thank you for being presenters at Oak Grove AME's workshop, "Training Armorbearers to Serve in the Kingdom of God." Since the T.A.S.K Workshop, our Armrbr Ministry has grown by forty percent.

tn.jpgHaving the participants reenact how Aaron and Hur helped Moses hold up the staff once Moses grew tired (Exodus 17: 12-14), gave perspective on the purpose and responsibilities of Armorbearers. This interactive illustration greatly impacted the attendees...

Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church
Armorbearer Ministry
Michael F. Clark


...appreciate your ministry

Thank you so much for coming to Orlando and imparting to us during our conference. We bless you and appreciate your ministry.

--Minister Maxine Brown,
D.A. Conference
Orlando, Florida

'LEAD STRONG' Speaking Topics

  • Receive, Serve, Give
  • God's Honor Code
  • Developing Your Gift of Support (Time, Talent, Treasure)
  • Gotta Have A Want-To

Invest in your team, consider our ministry workshop 'LEAD STRONG' designed to encourage and inspire your teams to another level of service in God's Kingdom. Please know Varn and Earma will tailor each workshop topic to fit your leadership team or support ministries.

LEAD STRONG Workshop Review

Becoming the Called, Chosen & Faithful
Team: Leadership Teams, Ministry of Helps, Servant Leadership and/or Support Teams
Length: 1-2 hours

Choose the type of team you want them to speak to then fill out form below to request speaking terms. Books & other materials will be available at event.

  • LEAD STRONG Worshop: (Designed for all local church teams - Leadership & Support Teams)

Do you desire the spirit of servanthood running rampant among your teams? Rev. Brown and Minister Brown use this workshop to impart the spirit of servanthood to all present. They are contagious with enthusiasm for serving God in the local church and community. They seek to help each participant discover how to tap into the rewards of growing as God's servant, the anointing to do, the gift of practical service, the blessing of accountability, the spirit of obedience and much more. Finally, members of leadership and support teams will be challenged to implement the spirit of servanthood in their family life, work, ministry and leadership.

  • SERVANT LEADER Workshop: (Designed for Servant Leader Teams)

God wants renewed respect for His authority structure. In this workshop Rev. Varn Brown and Minister Earma share from their heart concerning God's call to the Body of Christ to renew faithfulness, honor and respect for His authority structure. Also, they share on the role servanthood is playing in the Church and the world today.

  • Helps Ministry Workshop: (Designed for Helps Ministry Teams)

How would the church manage without the hands that help? When something practical needs to be done, a person anointed to help steps in and sees to it that the job is completed. This workshop is designed to impart strength and understanding of the much needed role a helper (ushers, greeters, aide, adjutant, deacons, assistants, armorbearers, etc.) in God's Kingdom play in the local church.

  • ARMORBEARER Workshop: (Designed for Armorbearer Teams)

There is a need for more people clearly functioning in the ministry of helps and more specifically as an armorbearer. This workshop is designed to bring insight and development to armorbearers as God appointed assistants, intercessors and helpers in the fight of faith with their leaders. Rev. Brown and Minister Earma delight in imparting the spirit of armorbearing (servanthood) to God's armorbearers.

To schedule a workshop for your leadership or support team, Click Here to fill out a short online event request form or call 214-710-6546 to request information (please leave email address to send information to.)


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FREE Armorbearer
Mini-Course & Training Kit including 'How To Setup
Armor-bearer Team'
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