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Your Gift of Support or Us Four No More

Your Gift of Support by Varn Brown, Sr.

Not long ago, I was reading some of my ministry friends’ blogs. I came across a post about tithing. I looked with interest for I was in expectancy to hear a good word on the matter. This particular friend is a minister of the gospel, so I was surprised when I read what they said. Now, I wasn’t too surprised when I heard the opinion, because my father was of the same mind, an unbeliever in tithing as well. We had a few squabbles on the matter. I loved my Dad but he had his issues with tithing.

I am from Arkansas. As a youngster, I have seen some days of poverty. So, I know the results of believing this way, pretty well. Or should I say not believing. It’s just like the devil to devise a plan to keep God’s people in bondage by convincing them not to give to him (through the local church) in faith.

Now the question is, what if God demanded us to give him a portion of our income and said to us, if you don’t give it you cannot be saved? Would you do it then? And for those who love God, they would for sure say,” Yes.” He doesn’t demand, but he does say, “Test me in this.” So, where is the problem?

I can tell you where the problem is for a lot of people, it’s a matter of the heart and it includes fear, fear of lack, poverty, greed, pride and selfishness. The word of God says, when you hold back, it leads to poverty. And that’s where the “Us-4-no-more” comes in. For sure if you are a leader of a church, when we don’t have the faith to give to the Lord a tenth and say Lord I will trust you with 90%, we fall short.

Not even speaking of the word of God saying that he will rebuke the devour that comes with his promise of Him blessing us. Have you ever thought about the fact that God holds the power to rebuke the Devil? We hold the power as well, but ours is delegated.

These ministers were teaching their congregation on why God doesn’t want you to tithe in the New Testament. They’re saying that it was only for the Old Testament.  Now. I hate to say it, but with faith like that and actions of withholding, as well. That kind of attitude will never do anything great for the Lord. Yet, we say that we want to change the word. Some of us, don’t have the faith to challenge the people to give to God in faith, believing.

Dr. Oral Roberts

At my church, I attended for a couple of decades, my wife and I served in the Helps ministry. One of our duties was to pick up guest from the airport and help host them for the ministry weekend. Well this weekend it was Dr. Oral Roberts. It was something because his anointing that’s on his life kept us at attention all that weekend. When it was time for him to go to the airport after ministry, we got there a bit early, because they changed the departure time.

As we sat, he said to us, we could ask him anything that we wanted to. So, I mentioned to him about the time the world was giving him a fit in his ministry. When he made the statement that if he didn’t raise 8 million dollars for his university and hospital that the Lord would take him home to glory. The Media and some of the Church gave him literal hell.

I asked him if he remembered it, he said to me and Earma,” Just like it was yesterday.” Well to make a long story short. The Lord helped him raise the money for his ministry to the tune of about a million over what he had asked. God made sure everybody saw themselves, and their rude and sometimes vicious actions, including the church, the body of Christ. At a service at ORU, I saw it on T.V., they all got on their knees and repented, as they went before him and his wife.  They were having a service and at the end of it ministers and all types of people were in a long line asking Dr. Roberts and his wife to forgive them for their persecution of them. And the whole while, all the Roberts were saying back to them was, “You’re already forgiven,’ you’re already forgiven.”

The reason I mentioned this story is, it’s a good example of how the flesh can get ugly when it comes to giving to God and man. That Cain spirit will rise up and devour many if not careful, even in the Church. Dr. Robert’s experience is proof.

Now what makes me mad at the religious devil is people will complain and do nothing great for the Lord but baptize a few. Yet, this great man of God was gravely sick and bedridden most of his young life, and God healed him. God raised him up and brought the healing revelation and gift to his generation. Then he raises up a university that will touch multiple millions and send them out spirit-filled missionaries and nation changers across the world.

Now, I remind you he did this in one lifetime. Then we, some of the church, gives him hell because he asked for help to keep it going. I was ashamed. At the time, I was a very young Christian. We, the church, still needs help in this area. But there is a God who sits high and stoops low for us.  

In the Heavenly

My point of the story is, when we all get to heaven and we cast our crowns before the Lord. Some of us will have more crowns/victories because we were willing to use our faith a bit more than others. In heaven, we will be able to see our potential that we could have had if we had pushed a little bit harder.

Do you see it? For some of us, it’s just a form of religion passed down (bad religion that is.) Or it’s something that you may have heard your mom or dad say, which was very wrong about tithing. When my father died, I got the chance to say a few words at his funeral. I love my dad but he had a few religious hang-ups.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he could sing and preach up a storm. But you do know, it’s not only about how good you preach but what we are preaching about. As I spoke about my dad, the spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, “Saul has killed his thousands, but David his tens of thousands.” I knew exactly what the spirit of the Lord was saying. He was saying to me, your father has gone far. But you shall go farther.

A New Day

For the last twenty-five years, the Lord has graced me to serve in hand with a ministry that is worldwide, Covenant Church. In this ministry, I have seen thousands upon thousands saved for the kingdom of God. We had a baptismal service, a couple of years ago. I asked how many would we be baptizing and the number was over 500 people. We baptized them all. I know you may be saying, Varn you are bragging.

And I would say, “Yes” because I want to provoke you unto an act of righteousness. Do you see it? Now here is the surprise, my church preaches tithing. I hate to say it, but you can almost tell just by looking at a church that doesn’t preach tithing. And that should not be so.

Now I know that this is a bit tough on you, but this is so important, you need to squirm, if you are reluctant or tithing just a little. It’s God’s way that we support our church. How else will the gospel be preached around the world, if we don’t tithe and give offerings in our local church? Who will send the preacher, the missionaries, the church planter, if the church has no money to send them. How will the light shine in the community, if we don’t support the pastor?

But you are strong, you can do it. Giving will always be in the Kingdom of God. God gave his portion when he gave his only begotten son, Jesus. That could’ve represented his tenth, I’m glad he didn’t renege. The Kingdom is all about the giving. Now, the big question is, when you stand before a holy God, and you will. What proof will you show what you have giving or were you just tipping God. One day soon, we will all see, so get ready and start sowing.  Sow your time, sow your efforts, sow your support and just as importantly, sow your tithe.

I’m a tither and God rebukes the devourer and opens the windows of Heaven and pours out blessings, so much so, I have to give some away. If not already, armorbearers, servant leaders, pastors, won’t you join me in supporting His church, the body of Christ?

Supporting the church,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.   

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Comments (2)

Paul Bibbs
Said this on 4-8-2016 At 07:13 am
Great word, Varn - as usual. I remember the day I started tithing. It was February, 1991. The church God directed me to was a tithing church. You were there too - remember? Just for the record, I didn't question the principle as being a law. Nor, did I feel pressured to give. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I wanted to give out of an attitude of gratitude. Believe it or not, I was actually excited about it. He made me, He died for me, and He has a grand purpose for my life! Ten percent?! Is that all? You got it, Lord!
Said this on 4-8-2016 At 09:41 am
Now that's a big Amen Paul. Miss seeing you my brother. vb

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