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Why So Militant

Why So Militant? by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr. & Earma Brown

Have you noticed the variety in God’s work? I really love the creativity that the Lord has when it comes to his creation. I love the difference that’s between all people. It makes the whole world very interesting. I was thinking the other day about a statement that was made to me about my nationality. It surprised me. Now, it wasn’t asked with a negative tone. The question was, “Why do African Americans, especially males seem to be so militant in a lot of things that they do? Now, I must be honest about it, it was an easy answer for me. Yet, I still was a little shocked.

Why So Militant?

As long as I can remember, I’ve had to fight.

It’s, almost, like in the movie, The Color Purple when Oprah said, “All my life, I’ve had to fight. I had to fight my brothers. I had to fight my sisters. I had to fight everybody...” Well, I got a little carried away with this movie. But you get my point.

As a Black people, most of us have had to fight, in one way or another. I don’t remember a time in my life that I haven’t had to work very hard, fight and struggle for what is mine. For example, for a job, or a position that someone is trying to take away from me or proving that I am the best for the position. There was never anything much given to me. Now, I’m not telling you this so that you’ll feel sorry for me. That’s just the way it was.

My point is this, I’m trying to give you a little clue why we as a Black male may feel and act militant. Now, I just scratched the surface a little bit. I’m not including how many times I’ve been told to go back to Africa or looked at in the face and asked, why are you here? So, this is only a part of why a certain level of militancy has shaped the way we are.

We must not forget, this includes us fighting for our next generation, hoping that they don’t have it as hard as we did. I must confess; I don’t understand the lack of respect that we get from some of the younger generation. They have no idea how much we have fought for them. My brothers and I worked so hard for the next generation. I was right there with them. That’s why I’m a stickler for giving them much respect I don’t tolerate anything less around me. I’ll tell them (disrespectful youngster,) pick up that log and run it up that hill a hundred yards. If you can’t do it; you don’t have anything to say, well in my book.

I believe David had the same attitude. He knew that he was fighting for himself and the generations to come.

Why Was David So Militant?

Do you know why David had such a warrior spirit? He was called to defeat and dispossess the enemies of Israel and the giants of the land in his generation. And he did! At the end of his life, he had for the most part, warred and conquered all his surrounding enemies. He had rest on all sides. And his son, Solomon, began his reign in peace.

With that in mind, some generations since then are called the Davidic generation and others the Solomon generation. Maybe, you’re like me and others, where all my life I have had to war and conquer the spiritual enemies of my family. Yes, enemies like divorce and alcoholism that have left my family defeated and broken generation after generation. I’m praying enough are conquered and the landscape is rid of the consequences and traces that my sons and grandchildren will become the Solomon generation.

My desire is that they will be able to live in a time of peace, building family and houses. They won’t have to experience the horrors of divorce, alcoholism, adultery or anything else Satan has been using against our families for centuries.

David fought so many wars. He wasn't able to build the Temple, at least one of the reasons was, the Lord said he was a bloody man! So, his son was given the assignment, Solomon. Solomon’s generation had not experienced the awfulness of war. Their responsibility would be not losing the glory of God in a season of convenience, peace and pleasure.

I hate to say Solomon had a good start but his ending was most miserable. By the time he was about to leave this earth he was bowing down worshipping idol gods and starry host with all of his heathen wives and the glory would be removed.

I’m not trying to say we in the Davidic generation have all the problems and the next generation have none. I am saying the challenges are different. So, whether your family is in a Davidic generation with many battles to fight and win or a Solomon generation with your own set of challenges, follow hard after the Lord and finish well.

So, when you see the face of the older generation, and its battle worn you will know why. But to the younger generation, it's your time, don't lose the glory of God like Solomon!

In Christ,

Rev. Varn Brown, Sr. & Earma Brown

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