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The Precious Gift of Impartation

The Precious Gift of Impartation by Varn Brown, Sr. and Earma Brown

Not long ago, Varn and I were discussing some changes in our church. Most of us don't like change that much. In fact, that's what disturbs people the most and can even cause fall out. Meaning people get offended and mad at the church. They end up leaving and sometimes they stay but are still mad.

Over the years, as a leader I would often find myself giving the 'things change' speech. I would say, we have to learn to be flexible and flow with the change. I would further say the Church is a living growing entity of God, the body of Christ.

Anyway back to this change, I was struggling with it because it made me feel rejected, overlooked and unappreciated. I don't want you to lose focus of my point - so there's no specifics. Varn and I were discussing these feelings I had about the change. He suddenly said, "Earma, you're no different than the people we've seen over the years. Will you get mad and stomp off?

Or will you take the advice that we've been giving to people and just flip it. It's your time to flip it; you should flip it." He was talking about flipping my perspective. He went on to say, "This is another time we have to flip it to the good perspective, the right perspective. Let's think about all the beautiful, precious experiences and memories we have received from our church over the years."

So, I took his advice. I forgave any rejection and any negative I was thinking of, whether it was intended or I just perceived it that way. I flipped my perspective. I began to think of and praise God for all the blessings I've received from my church over the last eighteen years or so.

I began to cherish and count precious the things I received. Things that changed my life forever. The virtues and gifts of impartation that are a permanent fixture in my life because of my church family. Here's a few from my list.

The spirit of excellence. If you've ever been to our church you know what I'm talking about. There's a standard of excellence in our church that raises the bar high. We know from serving behind the scenes for years that it's not because everything is so expensive. It's because our pastors and the people of God in the church are investment minded and careful bargain seekers.

The gift of graciousness. Our first lady rules in this arena. She is the most gracious woman I've ever met. Because of what we've received from her has given me the ability to pass it on. I've taught and imparted graciousness to many overly militant armorbearer and servant leader teams over the years. And I'm not saying that in a condemning way. Most times, all I need do is bring up the subject and the Holy Spirit prompts the perspective change.

The ability to study well. Our pastor is a father teacher. I started out as a girl teacher. Over twelve books later and careful study, I'm still on the journey to becoming a mother teacher. As a spiritual daughter, sitting at the feet of a father teacher I  gained the ability to study well and show myself approved, a workman that need not be ashamed. I did that by watching and emulating the father teacher in our church. Precious!

The gift of agreement. I received a great love for God's church while at our church. I can't explain this one. It just happened over the years, through the people of God and the Holy Spirit. I talked about it in a recent article called: The 7 Beneficial Powers of the Congregation.

Here's an excerpt from that article: The Power of Agreement. Jesus bestowed this power to us when He said, "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:19) I remember as a single woman many times needing the extra power and multiplication to surge through circumstances in my life.

I've experienced the power of agreement with a group or individual from the congregation in all the events, high points and valleys in my life. I'm thankful for all of them. So, if you've slipped into thinking you are all alone in working out a problem. I encourage you to use the power of agreement resident in the church. Jesus gave us (the Body of Christ) this power in your family, business and ministry to receive a burst of victory whenever we need it.

I hope this little list of the precious gift of impartation from our church inspires you to make your own list. I encourage you to flip your perspective, if needed. And even if you don't need to do that, join us and begin to bless your church and count precious the gifts of impartation that you've received. Don't stop there; join the conversation, tweet something you love about your church or a precious gift you have received while there. #ilovemychurch

A Word of Wisdom By Varn Brown

I am a people watcher even when I'm not trying. I naturally see what a person is doing a bit more than what they are saying. It's not always good. I have to purpose more to listen to them. Lately within the last few years, I have been noticing people in my sphere of influence come and go in my life, some by choice and some in difficult circumstances. It made me think how are they fairing with that situation in their life. Things like job changes, Church changes, friends or family. The point I would like to especially make is, change is always imminent. 

It will always happen; so when it does we shouldn't be that surprised. In some cases, when change comes we run off mad or leave screaming to the top of our voice. In this case, I would like to offer this advice to church members and before you get all nervous; I don't have anyone specific in mind, just people in general. When change comes, like for instance a person gets let go from a position or they have to move to another city or state and have to go to another church.

The point I want to make, we as mature Christians shouldn't leave in anger or a raging fit. The reason I say this, if you do, you may lose all that was invested in you. So make sure that you keep your peace and watch what you say because if you don't, you may lose your impartation with your mouth.

I was thinking of the investment that has been made in my wife and I by the leadership in our Church. I thought to myself that if they (our church) didn't do another thing for me, the impartation that they have imparted to me would last a life time.

So what I am saying to you is, if you have been invested into by a great leader and a great church, don't throw it all away like the wayward son but receive your blessing and keep it, cherish it and honor it, for the rest of your life. Then continue to run the race that the Lord has set before you.

Grateful for the precious gift of impartation,

Varn Brown, Sr. and Earma Brown

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