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The Irrevocable Gifts And Calling Of God

The Irrevocable Gifts And Calling Of God By Varn and Earma Brown

Many years ago, a Christian minister of God said to me because I was a late starter in ministry, “Varn you’re too old to become a preacher.” He meant in starting. At that time, I was in my thirties.

You’re Too Old

For some reason, I didn’t pay him any attention. Over the years, I’ve had people say things to me like, “You’re too old. Maybe you should go to another church,” you know I could go on. This is the very reason we must know our calling for our self, because God knows.

The gift that God put inside you, He will not say, hey I’m sorry I didn’t mean to deposit that in you. I want it back or I meant to give it to someone else. Or you haven’t done well so far, you don’t deserve it; give it back. Now don’t get me wrong, if you don’t use it, it may end up in somebody else’s spirit. And they obey the Spirit of God with it. The reason I’m talking about this is, we must be persuaded about our calling because, if we don’t, who else will?

Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love of God

Just so you know, I’m not speaking on this subject because I am pondering on my own gifting. I am speaking on this matter because we all will have to answer for it, before a righteous God. I’m not trying to scare or intimidate anyone. I’m just telling the truth, according to the word of God. I am persuaded that nothing can separate us from the love of God, neither death, nor Hell or the grave. Now when I say this, I’m not speaking about anyone close to me now in church, this was said to me a pretty long time ago.

I’ve gotten over it. Even though, it didn’t cause me to stumble, I did think on it for a while. Are you persuaded that what’s inside of you is God’s calling? Do you know that when we all stand before a righteous God, we will all have to give an account for that was given unto us, by his Spirit? We will!

We won’t be able to say, I was afraid; my church didn’t let me, I was black and was held back; I was a girl; I was fat or too skinny. They laughed at me; I wasn’t ordained; they didn’t like me; I didn’t have a mother and father. You know, the list could go on forever.

No Excuse. God Empowers

My point is, we have no excuse. God empowers us by his Spirit.  We will someday be standing before God right beside the Mother Theresas of the world, Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all the grandmothers and grandfathers that gave without question. There will be still no excuses. That’s why God’s gifts are without repentance.

Now there is one other thing I must warn you about. This gifting that’s without repentance, meaning God doesn’t take it away from you, just because. You can still possess the gift, but if not careful, you can be using it for the Devil. And one of the names of that action is called, ‘The Jezebel Spirit.’

This is a hard saying, but you must hear it. And when you hear it, you will be held accountable. When the Spirit of God gifts you and you are disobedient to Gods word and keep sinning, God doesn’t just come and take your gift away, like an Indian giver. No, He just leaves you alone and let you go about your way. He pulls back and watches you.

Don’t get me wrong, he will put a time limit on it. But it will be in His timing. I must tell you the truth, I was spurred by this message because of some of my Christian brothers and sisters, I see are highly gifted, but are letting the Devil rule their life. And it’s very sad to me. I have seen some leave this earth, prematurely, because of their stubbornness and so that their soul will be saved.  This should not be!

Check Yourself

Here’s how you can check yourself, if you know the word of God. Make a list of what you do in life.  Things that you may question and number them. Everything you write down, check each one with the word of God and see if the word is ok with it. If it’s fine, then you are fine. If it’s not, “then you’re in trouble. Bruh!” Oh yes, then let your pastor second reference it. Ok I’ll let that alone.

Seriously, my heart’s desire is for you to be assured within yourself, and in Christ Jesus. I want you to rule in the authority that’s within you.  If you are called to do the will of God, do your best to pursue it. Submit yourself to a good church and a good and faithful Pastor. You do know your pastor is the first line of training.

Submitting to your pastor’s and the church’s leadership, you are showing God that you love him and are willing to submit to an authority here on earth. For God says, how can you say you love me and don’t love and trust your brother, in this case your (Pastor). So allow the gift of God to flourish in your life and do great things in the Kingdom of God. When you get to Heaven you will receive your eternal rewards.

In service to the Lord, faithfully!

Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.


From Earma Brown:

Years ago, I thought I was cursed. My gifting was causing so much trouble in my life. The people around me had with good intentions told me I must have sin in my life for this to be happening to me. They had heard of no one like me.

The Irrevocable Gifts and Calling of God

So, in my immaturity I surmised I was cursed with a curse. I began to seek the Lord about taking it away. In response, the Holy Spirit taught me that he was the one that revealed things and even causes any gift to operate. So, it was a gift not a curse. God gave it and he would teach me to operate in it.

Then he took me to Romans 11:29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

I know you may be saying, "How did you know it was the Holy Spirit talking to you?"

At that point in my life, I only knew who didn't give it to me. I knew I didn't come up with it. If I could have done it on my own, I would have sorted it out already, right? It wasn't the devil, he would want me to stay confused and unable to operate in my gifting. Because with lack of understanding how can you receive and be successful? The well-meaning family of God around me didn't explain it like that or send me to Scripture.

The other elephant in the room is 'what gifting are you speaking about?"

Yes, I deliberately chose not to mention what it is just yet. It doesn't matter. For now, I want you to focus on Father God the gift giver. Remember, He gave us His only begotten son, Jesus. Why would he hold the good stuff back from us?

He’s Gifted And Called You

No matter where you are in the process of discovering your gifting and callings, you can know Father God doesn't change his mind as man changes it. His gifts and His call are without repentance. He's gifted and called you. But you have to answer and develop your gifting.

If you don't know yet, start with what you feel the most excitement about. Even if it's a little spark, a leading or prompting. Follow that and begin to volunteer in your church. Since, we're talking to servant leaders and armorbearers this weekend you may be just stepping out. If so, I encourage you in your decision to get started. Many have received their call along the way.

While Serving Discover Your Calling

For example, my husband Varn received his call to preach, in just such a way. While volunteering in jail and prison ministry, God commissioned him to stay faithful with what he was doing (leading men to Jesus and praying for them to be filled with God's Spirit) for six more months and He would promote him. He stayed faithful and God did what He said. He commissioned him to preach the Gospel and put His fire upon him.

As for me, the same thing happened for me. I started volunteering in our church's green room. While faithfully serving, God showed me my gifting and callings. He opened a door of ministry through armorbearing and servant leadership. We all know what God opens, no man can shut.

God has blessed our net and book ministry. Our training series has four books in it now. We speak at servant leadership conferences, Armorbearer workshops and break-out sessions all over the nation.

Enough about us. You can rise up now; you can move forward without hesitation. If you need to know what that gift and call is, He will show you. If you need understanding on how to operate in it, ask Him and he will give that to you, too.

Get Started Where He Leads

One other thing, for the longest I looked for a mentor, a teacher, someone to show me exactly how to operate smoothly, successfully. (Smile) I said smoothly because who likes to be embarrassed. I say now, that's not a bad thing to seek a mentor or teacher. For we all need instruction from someone ahead of us or they've already travelled the road we're on.

For me, the Holy Spirit said He wanted to teach me. It doesn't mean I haven't learned from other people. It just means, I've been very selective about who I listen to and receive from in my area of gifting. He's been faithful to let me know who He sends. It's good to have a mentor and teacher. But it's also good for you to know for yourself from the God who gifts and calls.

I couldn't end without saying this. For some of you, you've been serving for years and it hasn't happened. No thunder bolts or lightning strikes have happened for you. In that case, remember Elijah. God didn't speak to him in the storm or the earthquake. It was the still small voice that He spoke.

So, I encourage you to begin again, prayerful, listening for any promptings, leadings from the Lord. Don't despise a small beginning. Get started wherever He leads. Varn and I always say, just think if we had not obeyed the small voice that prompted us to start serving in our local church. We know we would not be doing what we are doing today in the Lord.

If not already, get started serving, keep serving and your gifting and callings will be revealed.

Serving faithfully,

Earma Brown, 12 Book Christian Author, Founder of Armorbearers International

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