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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

The Healing Power of Forgiveness by Varn Brown

I’ve noticed a few things over the years of ministry in the area of father wounds. First of all, I've noticed that a root of the wound stays there because of un-forgiveness. In our human bodies, God put a natural propensity to heal itself. Hence, we have scabs and the drying and healing of wounds. The same happens in our inner man. But when that natural healing is blocked, hindered, re-opened, the wound festers, right?

So it is with the father wound. The wound stays in place because of the trespass that was made against them. Yes, it was very wrong. But the problem about this is, the recipient (the trespassed against one) stays stuck there, up a creek without a paddle, so to speak.

At my father's funeral there was a little situation that I noticed that could’ve caused a problem but thank the Lord it didn’t. You see, the church was split right down the middle, it seemed to me. Maybe me and a few others were the only ones to notice. Looking from the pulpit out through the congregation, I saw to the left my mothers side of the family.

My brothers and sister all had blank stares on their faces. I knew why; it was from all the pain, drunkenness and un-forgiveness that my father brought to the family over the years. On the right side of the church was my father's side including his last wife and spiritual sons; everyone on that side was wailing because his death.

I have to admit I shed a few tears for my father's passing. I did love him as my whole family did despite the trouble that his life caused. I was sad that he passed prematurely; he was only sixty-five.

In latter years, the Lord graced me with a relationship with him enough that I preached several of his church anniversaries. He ordained me as a Baptist minister. I was very thankful for that and the time spent with him. The reason why I’m sharing all this with you is because I want you to know that I was able to forgive my father. I forgave him for almost killing my mother and breaking up our family. Because of him being a drunkard for a time in his life, we all suffered.

But this is what helped me; I found out that he, my father, had a story too. To make a long story short, the first time my father met his father he was twenty four years old. When his father saw him, he came into the house where my father was sitting, walked through and said, "Hey Lavern." He kept walking. That was his greeting that he received from him meeting his dad for the first time. That is what he was given in his life as a son.

So, before the funeral I asked the Lord what should I say of my father as a encouraging word for me and the family. This is what came to me. I told his short story that I just shared with you and then I challenged the Congregation with, "My father did the best with what was given to him. Now what will you do with what you have been given?"

A few months ago, one of my brothers said to me, "Varn, why do you want to bring up the past and speak of it. We should leave it all behind." My answer to him was, "If I have to speak of my past to save a few from much pain, I will." Many of you know my testimony about my father wound, my healing and the spiritual fathers God sent to me, if you don't you can read about it in my book Healing the Wounds Of A Fatherless Generation at

Forgiven and receiving healing,

Rev. Varn E Brown SR.

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