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The Drink Offering

The Drink Offering by Varn Brown, Sr.

I'm drinking water in this valley that I've never drank before. The water is flowing from a source that seems to be never ending. I know my God is in it; I feel His presence all over me. One of my favorite stories in this book that I'm writing, David was in a same like place in his life.

He was fleeing his old master that wanted to kill him. He's sitting and reminiscing of a beautiful time in the past. He said to himself, man I sure would like to have some of that good water from the stream by the gate in Bethel.

Without hesitation his mighty men jumped up to their feet and fought through the enemies’ line to retrieve a drink of water for their master. The enemy was between them and the water source, for they were fleeing them. Abishai and his men brought the water back to David and said to him, here's the water you wished for, we drew it from the well at Bethel for you master.

The act of valor was so great David said, how can I drink this, when you risked your own life to retrieve it. David knew the signature for he was a worshipper. He knew the signs. He said to his men, this act of valor was an act of worship, so David being conscience stricken, poured the water out on the ground before the Lord as a drink offering.

And David said, how can I drink this water when you risked your own life for me. Far be it from me to do so.

Excerpts from, "The Character of King David" Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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