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Serve Strong: Cultivating The Spirit Of Obedience

Serve Strong: Cultivating The Spirit Of Obedience by Varn Brown, Sr.

Are you submitted to the Father's will or are you doing your own thing? To submit means to yield to the control or power of another, give in. In this case, give in to God’s will.

Speaking of 'are you a submitted son or daughter', in one of my blog articles I spoke about Jesus’ story, 'the prodigal son.' As you may remember, one of the sons was obedient and stayed submitted to his father's will and the other son left in rebellion and squandered his inheritance. In this chapter, I am speaking about the (obedient one) submitted servant leader of God, even though, I pray this word will influence you both.

I started with the definition of the word 'submit' because I want to create a picture in our mind of the action that it requires, a bit of sacrifice from our part. Think about it this way; it will make it a little easier to make the decision of being a submitted son or daughter or staying the submitted one:

Jesus was a submitted son, I can hear him say, “I can do nothing unless I see my Father do it.” This is always the confession of an obedient son or daughter. Therefore, the question is, 'which are you, the obedient or the rebellious one, you know the fruit will always tell. On that note, we serve in a kingdom of sowing and reaping fruit. God plants the seed and expects a harvest. He gave us His only begotten Son. Through his burial and resurrection, he gave us eternal life unto salvation.

            In the same manner, as long as we are here on this earth, there will be seed time and harvest. Whatever we plant or sow, we will reap in this life and the one to come. So the question becomes, what type of seeds are you planting and what kind of fruit are you bearing in God’s kingdom?

            The reason I'm asking this question is because if we plant good seed, we will reap a good harvest. So, when I say plant good seed, I not only mean speaking the Word but doing the Word as well. It will bring forth good fruit and fruit that will remain.

            There is a refiner’s fire that our Heavenly Father will judge our works and fruit. When they are tried in his righteous fire according to the word of God only the work sown in righteousness will come out as pure gold.

            If our works are of selfish gain and motivated by pride or of any manner of the flesh, it will be burned up in this righteous fire. But if we hold fast to the words of Christ, it will instruct us in the ways of righteousness and the straight path.

            This is very important because everyone will bear fruit but the question is what type of fruit are you bearing? It is also important that we find out while we're on this side of the kingdom of God.

            Because once we are there (on the other side) it will be to late. We should check our fruit spiritually and give ourselves an inspection and see how the fruit in our life is fairing. Meaning we should check to see if our fruit will last in God’s kingdom or will it be burned away as dross.

            We should check our posture spiritually, our stance, our conversation, our work, our laziness, our lack of effort, our motive and our intentions. I know we are limited on this side of Heaven but we are responsible for our souls and our fruit and what we do with it on this side.

            I do my best to look at myself through the Word of God and through the Holy Spirit with Jesus eyes, often. I think we should all do the same. Do you know that there will be rewards for the righteous before the throne of God? Yes, when our works are tried in the holy fire of God they will be tried in the flames of judgment and whatever comes out will be as pure gold. It will be our reward throughout eternity.

            So this is my warning to you (and to myself), don’t be left fruitless; don’t be ashamed at the judgment of God; don’t be embarrassed at the lack of obedience. Choose to be a good fruit bearer today for the kingdom of God.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season, his leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Psalms 1:3

When we serve the Lord in obedience there are rewards and blessings that come with it. The Lord covers you, protects you and rebukes the devourer for you. He keeps you empowered for his service.

We must not forget that He is always in charge; so we submit to his will and his blessing. His blessing multiplies us, informs us and gives us longevity and long life. So with this small but important information I decide and choose afresh to be the son of obedience.  What about you; what is your decision of obedience?   

Willing and obedient,


Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

P.S. To read more about this insight, download and read sample Chapter Two - Captain Abishai and the Spirit of Obedience or get Varn’s book below, In The Spirit Of Leadership. You will learn more how the spirit of obedience can run rampant among your leadership and support teams.

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