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Serve Strong 2 Where Are The Armorbearers

Serve Strong 2 Where Are The Armorbearers? by Varn Brown, Sr.

Have you heard about the horrendous shooting inside a prominent historical African American church? It was a most sad situation and the fact that it happened inside a church. Our prayers and compassion continue to go out to that church family.

My mind has been twirling ever since it happened. I’ve been thinking and saying to myself, where are the armorbearers? God has sent this great service gift to the body of Christ to all that will receive it. He’s been steadily raising up people that are willing to serve with great zeal and humility. When enacted the armorbearers form a circle of protection around the man and woman of God.

The armorbearer whether it’s one or a team forms an added layer of defense and creates a lesser chance of the enemy reaching the core ministry leaders. I know, I know all the objections and criticisms about whether it’s the leaders’ ego more at work than a call of God. I’ll address some of those concerns later.

For now and for those who want to hear, in this circle the head man and/or woman of God are in the center of protection. There are lines of protection that should surround them. Starting with the core circle, the next line of defense would be the assistant pastors and elders. The line after that is the armorbearers. Then security/ police and the congregation. This circle of protection is strong enough to repel the enemy’s threats and actions.

Remember, we must be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. (So, I’m not speaking of repelling the sheep) If any of these lines aren’t in place, a door is left open for the enemy to come in, and that shouldn’t be. Out of these circular lines, your protocol should flow.

For example, a church service is in session. You as the leader have asked your armorbearer to attend who’s got your back. You are anointed and engrossed in the service. But your armorbearer notices someone that doesn’t quite look right. He or she quietly alerts security or another pastor so they can check into it…

A Wake Up Call

A quick story, I spoke of this one the last time I spoke to the armorbearers and servant leaders. I called it the “The Black Glove Story.” To make a long story short, in that season my wife and I operated as Armorbearers, we had a wakeup call where this man came in our church unannounced.

He just bolted up to the altar while our pastor was speaking. He threw his black gloves down on the floor in front of pastor and started shouting. It happened so quickly, the congregation gasped.

I don’t know if he had planned to do anything else. But before he could decide, we (armorbearers) took action. I grabbed him in a head lock; another armorbearer followed my lead and grabbed his arms behind his back. Someone picked him up by his feet and we hauled him up out of there…

The reason I’m telling you this, I saw the man when he first started toward the altar and just waited a second to make sure. It turned out the man was harmless but he had been going to church after church in the area to make his point heard.

He chose the wrong church that day…But what if he hadn’t been harmless is the question we all asked ourselves? Protocols and procedures were changed. As armorbearers, our seating was changed for easy access to the altar. Our security team gave free basic defense training to the armorbearer team, usher team leaders...

The body of Christ just got its wake up call. What changes, will you make?

Know The Enemy When He Comes

Now you know where I’m going with this. That’s why I titled this with a question. Where are the armorbearers? We live in a perilous day but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. If not already, position a circle of protection around your leaders, so that any plans and strategies of our enemy the devil can be stopped.

This is the very reason that the Lord has gifted the body of Christ with this gift of service, armorbearing. Now here’s the surprising thing about this ministry of helps gift. Some people and ministries have not received it in their church, thereby closing their doors to its benefits.

Now I must admit, I have seen some flaky stuff out there in the armorbearer ministry. But think about it, it’s always like that with any ministry of God. To name one, it’s one of the reasons the prophets’ ministry is not accepted in all places. But the ministry that I’m talking about is a ministry of Helps and that is it! No more and no less, for those who would try to make it more or belittle it to less. Your job is to serve/help and if need be, protect.

Three Armorbearers

Years ago, a great man of God was going through a season of growth and he needed help. God was sending him help because his ministry was changing gears and going to another major next level. To confirm it during a time when armorbearers weren’t heard of much, the prophetess said, “…You are going to a new level in ministry. With this new level, the Lord will send you three armorbearers and one will be to you as Johnathan was to David.” A team of armorbearers and servant leaders have been operating in their assigned roles ever since in his ministry.

Instruction Needed

My wife, so precious, she made sure that our duties wouldn’t be forgotten. We, already, had been commissioned by first Lady of the house, to write our duties all down so that it could be taught. She felt instruction was needed so the people could receive this needed gift in the congregation.

As you may know, in birthing the ministry, things would sometimes get out of line. So, we’ve always sought to teach a balanced word. Well, four books later, starting with the In the Spirit of Armorbearing book and ending with the In The Spirit of Leadership book, we are sending book sets all over the United States and parts of the world. And we are so excited!

On a more serious note, I saw in a vision, several months ago, a disturbance at the altar in a church. There was a scuffle for a gun. The enemy was apprehended; the gun was taken by the men and women of God and the attack squelched.

After that, the Lord spoke to us in our spirit about it. The local church holds the answer and the solution to the enemy’s attack. This is why I am writing this message to you.

Earma and I have been about our Father’s business of planting seeds, writing blogs, articles, books and training leaders and supporters in the local church for over ten years. So, I’m calling to the men and women of God, all who serve as pastors, leaders, armorbearers, servant leaders and helps groups in the local church to a new alertness!

If you are needing this Armorbearer, Servant Leaders and Helps group operating in your church, I recommend that you get our set of books today and train your team.  Ask your church bookstore to order for you or click the following link: The Shield Shop

Training ArmorBearers and Servant Leaders,

Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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