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Are you an armorbearer in training or responsible for training a group of leaders or armorbearers? Rev. Brown's newest book In the Spirit of Leadership - God's Mighty Men & Women will help. In his usual contagious teaching style he visits the biblically famous King David and his explosive mighty men. In a study of the character of these men, you will discover afresh King David, General Joab, Captain Abishai, the exploits of The Thirty and more...

Read an excerpt below chapter one 'Is There A Kingship Abiding In Your Armorbearer Calling.' Rooted in Scripture, In the Spirit of Leadership: God's Mighty Men & Women will be an inspiration to any individual as well as local church leadership, support team or small group Bible study. About Author, Rev. Varn Brown Three book Christian Author, Rev. Varn Brown is a 17 year Baptist minister ordained by his father Rev. LaVern Brown. He is co-founder and President of Nasa Ministries Institute. Rev. Brown lives in Dallas Texas with his wife Minister Earma Brown

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What did you think of ITSOL chapter one? Rev. Brown loves to hear from you. Please post your thoughts, comments, prayer requests or questions below in the comment box. The sample chapter above Is There A Kingship Abiding In Your Armorbearer Calling was excerpted from Rev. Brown's latest book  In The Spirit Of Leadership To get a copy of the In The Spirit of Leadership book and other armorbearer training, leadership and helps ministry resources, please visit the Shield Shop.

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