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Man Ought To Always Pray

Man Ought Always Pray by Varn Brown, Sr.

Jesus said, “Man ought to always pray and not faint.” Now, you know when you hear me say men, I’m speaking of humanity which includes women, as well. In my season of growing up in my life of Christianity, the women did most of the praying anyway and almost everything else in the church. But, thank the Lord, it seems to be changing these days.

God’s men are taking their place in the kingdom of God and I’m included in that number. I’ve always been an intercessor or I’ve always did my best to be one. You see, I have a bit more Martha in me, rather than Mary who wanted to sit at Jesus feet all the time. As you may know, here’s another thing Jesus said, she had chosen the best. I’ve always been a doer. So, my pursuit has still been the same, seeking the face of Jesus.

In the last three churches, I attended over thirty years I have been an intercessor.  At Agape Church, Word of Faith and Covenant Church I prayed and interceded. Prayer has always drawn me closer to God. Every breakthrough, I have received has been in the midst of much prayer. I learned how to travail in prayer at Agape Church for we prayed every weekend. The Lord has always put very strong women in my life of prayer. Because of godly strong spiritual mothers, I quest; I was raised by a single mother.

Once when we were at prayer, I was young in my faith. At Church a major storm was approaching us in the Arkansas weather. Our leader took us all outside and told us to command the storm to go in another direction and it did. My eyes were bucked and mouth left open wide. I was beginning to learn my authority of prayer and faith. 

At Word of Faith

The Lord put me under this very feisty German lady by the name of Inga Davis. She was one of my first spiritual mothers. She’s the leader of a jail and prison ministry Be Free Ministry for at least forty or more years. Hundreds of thousands of people’s lives have been saved and millions of them touched by the power of God through her ministry. She is like none other. She required us to come to prayer each week. It was a prerequisite, if we wanted to preach on the upcoming weekend in the jails.

I served there for more than ten years.  In fact, being obedient to her commands positioned me for the outpouring of God’s power into my life. And it birthed the call of ministry upon my life. Once in our prayer meeting on a Saturday night and the next day service, the fire of God fell upon me twice. I was never the same. This came upon me because I was obedient to pray, learned how to pray and then willing and obedient to do it, pray.

We prayed at the altar each week Earma and I were prayer leaders at our church, Covenant Church. I loved doing that for the Lord would show out. My wife and I call them “spiritual explosions” from heaven. We would lay hands on God’s people; they would be propelled through the heavenly.  In our church, we saw strong miracles from the Lord. We were very thankful to the Lord for his mercy and answered prayers, to God be the glory.

Follow God’s Plan

Now, I told you all that to make you hungry. I want you hungry for God’s will and God’s power and fire in your life. He’s no respecter of person. Be faithful in your serving, your ministry and he will promote you too. Speaking of laying hands on people and people laying hands and praying for you I want to discuss this matter.

Here’s what I need to tell you; God's plans are always the best plans. That's why we should always be willing to obey him and his word. When you find yourself in a hard place or a situation, you can use His plan. His plan is the local church that's operating here upon this earth.

It always gets me when I see people say, Facebookers, pray for me. I hope they're talking about people that they are in covenant with. Because, we are living in a crazy day. There are some people that you shouldn’t want to pray for or over you. People worship all kind of stuff these days, like foreign gods, themselves and deceptive religions. I could name a few, but I won’t.

Now, this goes for even people that are in the church too. The word of God says, know them that dwell among you, that includes the church. How much more, should you know them that are praying over you? I don't allow just anyone to pray for me.

That's why you should be covered by a godly shepherd and authority that you are in covenant with in your local Church, the body of Christ. You should know the person’s fruit before you let them lay hands upon you and ask God to help you.

Make sure you are covered and submitted to a good shepherd. Don't just give yourself over to any foolish person or authority. And don’t allow Facebook to be your only avenue for prayer. In the long run, that won’t work, you know better. Faithful people that love the Lord, their fruit will always tell. You will see the results of it. Now, that's who you should be calling to pray. Be wise. Remember, Jesus himself, encouraged us, “Man ought to always pray and not give up.

Rev. Varn Brown - God's Qualifying Season

A faithful intercessor and prayer warrior,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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