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Heroes In Gods House 5 A Good Place To Start

Heroes In God's House 5 And A Good Place To Start by Varn E. Brown, Sr.

Armorbearers, Servant Leaders, Adjutants, Ministry of Helps.

I believe one of the truest stories of servanthood is the story of David.  I want to give you some highlights of his story. This kind of beginning will give you a good start in the ministry called servanthood.

The life of David displays powerful examples of character that’s needed to start out operating in the ministry of Helps and then into the fivefold ministry in these last days of the Church. Here are some of those acts of his life, which we can use in our lives today. For more on this subject, pick up a copy of the In The Spirit Of Leadership book or the four book Armorbearer Training Series set.

The Acts of David

As David came on the scene, he would come as a young shepherd boy watching his father’s sheep.

1. The first signs of character that are shown in his life are his acts of (obedience) toward his father. True obedience should begin at home. If you can’t show respect toward your parents, who can it be shown to.

2. David was faithful as a young shepherd boy, he protected his father’s sheep against the lion and the bear that came to steal the sheep. The lion came and took one of his sheep and David fought the lion and took it back. That took (bravery) as a shepherd and David had it for sure. I Samuel 16 - I Samuel 17:35

3. King Saul is tormented by devils because he has been disobedient to the laws of his God and he can find no rest or relief from his tormenting spirits. So the king’s son goes out and looks for this young man that he’s heard of that is (talented, brave, an ability to worship, and the spirit of the Lord is with him) and his name was David. David was taken to the king and as he played his instrument in worship, the tormenting spirits leave and the king is able to rest. He commissioned David to stay and serve him as an (Armorbearer).

4. By this time, David was still caring for his father’s sheep part-time and serving King Saul as an armorbearer with harp worshipping God until the devils assigned to him would run off. David’s father tells him to go and check on his brothers in the army and see how they are faring. While there he hears the proclamations of the giant Goliath. Goliath is saying to the Israelites, “Today, you choose a valiant soldier and have him fight me and whoever wins his country will be the masters.”

David even though he is just a young boy, takes the giant up on his rant and fights him. You know the story, David slays the giant with a sling and a rock to the forehead and knocks him to the ground. Then David cuts Goliath’s head off. David is aware of his (Covenant with Jehovah God). —I Samuel 17:50- 54. 

Now this is what happens when you are anointed and the Lord is with you. I Samuel 17: 56 The king says, “Find out whose son this young man is.”  You will be brought before kings! And he was.

Saul’s Bodyguard

5. After the giant is killed, David stayed and served his king full time. Saul and the Lord gave him (favor). He became his chief body guard and best friends with the king’s son, Jonathan. It is believed that David and Jonathan had a covenant between one another and that their love was greater for one another than a love for a woman. I believe that and understand it.

In these days, I know that people have such a perverted perception of godly love they can’t understand. But, when God is in the factor it takes it to another level. We must remember, God was creating a great legacy through David. The birth of the Christ would one day come forth through the seed of David. And Jonathan, his best friend, would help keep him and the legacy alive.

David As King

The women would proclaim, “Saul has slain his thousands but David his tens of thousands!” Soon after that Saul became enraged with jealousy against him. Once David and Jonathan were sitting at Saul’s table eating at different occasions and a spirit of jealousy came upon Saul so great that he said to himself, “I will pin them both to the wall with my spear.”

And he tried and they both alluded him. Saul eventually died of his disobedience and (David became King). One of the famous feats of King David is that he danced before the Lord with all his might, as they brought up the Ark of the Lord to the Temple.

God’s Plan For Us

In David’s life, I see some things that the Lord used to elevate his life to take him where he wanted him to go. And they are: obedience, bravery, talent, spirit of might, ability to worship, and the spirit of the Lord upon him.

As an armorbearer, he still honored his covenant with Jehovah God, we saw the favor of God increase as he was promoted from an armorbearer to Chief Bodyguard to leader in the army to eventually king. As King David, he danced before the Lord with all his might. It’s a godly example that rings throughout the centuries.

These are ingredients that the Lord will use to elevate your life when you choose to serve him and serve him well. He did it for David and he will do it for us as well. Now, let’s go serve like David did.

 Becoming a servant like David

 Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.  

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