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God's Loving Chastisement

God's Loving Chastisement by Varn Brown

The Lord chastises those he loves. I know you may be saying, O Lawd, Varn is talking about the Lord punishing us again. Well, I would say, you are almost right. We all know that God is still sovereign, whether it’s good or bad; God is still in control of the situation.

The reason I want to talk to you about this principle is because the Lord has a purpose. And I see so many of us failing miserably with complaining every step of the way and even going astray. The word of God says that the Lord chastises those he loves, proving that we are not bastards. If we are not his children, he would just allow us to do about anything; but he doesn’t.

He reproves us and rebuke us, as his little children. One of the worst things, we can do is rebel against Him and try to get out of his chastisement. That would be the wrong thing to do because your actions would be saying that God doesn’t know what he’s doing.

And we know that’s not right. He does! Sometimes, when we go in a valley or a season of the Lord’s rebuke, we are wanting to prove to ourselves and others that we aren’t worthy of the rebuke. We come up with all these reasons why it’s not our fault. God must have the wrong person to go through all this.

What if Jesus, our Lord would’ve started complaining and saying it’s not my fault? I haven’t even sinned once. I don’t deserve this… The Scripture tells us though innocent, he never said a word. So, we must have enough faith to say of ourselves, if the Lord allows it, we must need it and then allow the process to be completed.

After Passing The Test

If we are persistent in speaking against the Lord’s rebuke or his reprove, we may hinder his will that he is trying to bring forth in our life. Remember the Israelites. The perfect example, when Joseph was put in prison and he had to suffer under the hands of the prison guards.

If he had been very persistent in complaining, he would’ve found himself fighting against God himself. As the story goes, instead of Joseph resisting, he yielded to the process and passed God’s test.

After God had finished the process on his servant Joseph, he promoted him. And it will be the same with us, if we submit to God’s process and keep a good attitude and heart in the matter, we will receive his reward. After we’ve passed our test, God promotes and recompenses.

The Good News

If, and I say only If, you submit to the will of the Father and yield to his chastisement, there will be a promotion at the end of the test. God will promote you. And your confession will be, “It was good that I was chastised.”

varn1.jpgMy advice to you is, if you find yourself in a season where you aren’t hearing God and it seems like he’s nowhere to be found. It seems like your prayers are being bounced off the heavens and returning back to you unanswered, try not to panic, God just may be seeing the proof that’s in the real pudding of your life.

The beautiful thing about it, that I said earlier, when you pass this faith test from the Lord, there will be a promotion waiting on you to walk in. So, stay long suffering and walk it out. The Lord is faithful and he doesn’t waste any pain.   

The Lord’s son,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

P.S. To read more about this insight, get Varn’s new book, The Character of King David. It will explain more of this beautiful revelation of the life and character of King David, servant leadership and what it all has to do with you and your leadership and support teams.

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