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FAQ: About Armorbearer Title Stigma?

Question: After prayer, my husband and I were asked to act as armorbearers for our leader and his wife.  I've found myself having a similar battle as I did when I felt an intercessory call on me...what did I do to deserve this, I'm too lowly, why ME?  Aren't there others out there spiritually stronger, who are more fit for this than I am?

It's not that I mind helping out with anything that's needed of me.  Whatever is asked of me, I will do without hesitation.  The biggest problem is that I don't want to be called "armorbearer".  I hesitate to use the term, whether or not I'm around anyone.  I don't want it known, I don't want it broadcast, and I don't want any recognition for what I do; unless it's from God to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong.

I stumbled across this site after doing a search on Scripture for armorbearers. I've only read three teachings and already think this is a great site.  Thank you for putting what you've learned out here for the rest of us to read and think about.

I guess I'm just wondering if I'm alone in feeling this way.  I feel I've been handed a privilege that I'm undeserving of, yet at the same time I truly desire to be of as much help as I can be.  Is there any advice you could offer, since you are more experienced? 

Thank you for having this website and for your service to God's chosen leaders.  --Salli, California

Brown's Response:

Hello Salli and God bless you both. Thank you for your recent question and courage to ask. We've had quite a few queries similar to yours but not quite as straightforward. This is why we decided to feature your question this month. So, let's dive in:

Varn: It sounds like your thinking is a little off, not meaning it in a bad way but aligning it with the word of God. You are more then a conqueror!

Earma: Yes, I agree you are more than a conqueror but what impressed me the most is your humility. I'm almost sure that's why God chose you. For you see, He can work best with and lead a person of humble spirit.

Varn: The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, the greater one lives on the inside of you. Earma and I have a saying that if we are afraid to do a task for the Lord, we just do it afraid.

Sometimes when we are asked to do a task, there may be persecution and people may even look at you different but it should never stop us from taking up the Lord's task. If we say no, he will have to choose another vessel. So it's best to be obedient.

Earma: Salli, everything you two need is inside you already. God has prepared and equipped you for such a time as this to be a special help to your leaders.

Varn: The voice that would say that you can't do it, is the voice of the enemy. I believe you guys are very capable. Not wanting to be called an armorbearer is ok for you don't need a title to serve, just faith.

Some churches may use the term in a negative way and I can see where a person may feel that way. But if your leaders have asked you to become their armorbearer, I would submit to the call in faith.

Earma: Yes, I've felt that way about the title armorbearer a time or two. Both times were in the middle of persecution by someone with lack of understanding or someone yielding to the wrong voice. Along the way, God has strengthened me and caused me to realize that He is one that called and chose me to operate as an armorbearer and eventually write the book "In the Spirit of Armorbearing." (see testimony below)

But if you still have mixed feelings about the title armorbearer, there's no condemnation about you not using it. As Varn said don't use it; just answer the call to help your leader as God leads you. Armorbearing is an administration of the Helps ministry. So you can easily call yourself a ministry assistant, helper, a friend, etc.

Varn: This (armorbearing) is like any task of faith that God ask of his servants and the question remains will we be obedient to the call and take up the task (ministry).

I hope our words were helpful. We pray God will keep you in faithful service and his blessings abound to you.

Varn and Earma Brown

 Quick Testimony: I feel I should share this with you. When I wrote the armorbearing message, I was so excited to write it and my writing time with the Lord was beautiful. But right after I wrote it and began to share the message with others, I received a lot of persecution. So much so, that I put it on a shelf and in my mind not to pick it up again.

Almost 2 years passed then God directed me to start writing books. So, I started on what I thought was best. Yet everytime, I would sit down to get started on the project I chose, I felt no excitement, no anointing. I actually felt a little depressed.

I finally asked the Lord about it. He immediately said, 'When you go back to what I first gave you, there you'll find the anointing.' I pulled the armorbearing message off the shelf, wrote it in book form and the rest is history. The websites and our book ministry were eventually birthed out of that one act of obedience... 

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