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An Anointing Squandered

An Anointing Squandered by Varn Brown

READERS FAVORITE: An Anointing Squandered

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Do you know an anointing squanderer? I mean God's anointing is to bring Him the glory He deserves, right? Have you noticed people with God's anointing on their life using it to benefit themselves? The anointing is used mostly to get them out of trouble? In asking these questions, it makes me think about the anointed man Samson in the Bible.

If you remember, the mantle upon his life, in most cases it was used to help him get from between a rock and a hard place. In reading his story it made me think, I know that the God of Abraham didn't just bless him with all that strength to get him out of trouble, time and time again. Was he an anointing squanderer?

The reason I ask this question is because the rules are very clear. Our heavenly Father has made it clear through His word that we should live by his word.. He's expressed through the Deuteronomy writer, if we do we would be blessed but if we don’t we will be cursed. Read Deuteronomy 28 about the blessings and the curses that are laid out before us as God's people.


Back to Samson, when we read about him and his strength, anointing, and might. Most of his life story was all about his rescue because of disobedience and his anointing being used to bail him out from between a rock and a hard place situations. I do know that the Lord used it to fulfill His will to punish the Philistines. But being true to the word of God, many times Samson squandered the anointing that was upon his life.

Samson went down to Timnah and saw there a young Philistine woman.  After he returned, he said to his father and mother, ”I have seen a Philistine woman in Timnah. Now get her for me as my wife. His Father and mother replied, "Isn’t there an acceptable woman among your relatives or among all our people? Must you go to the uncircumcised Philistines to get a wife?" But Samson said to his father, "Get her for me. She’s the right one for me." His parents did not know that this was from the Lord who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistines. —Judges 14:1-4 


Bringing the question home for me, what prompted me to write this article? With my personality and the anointing that is on myself and Earma, we both are rescued enough by our Lord that I have to check myself and make sure that I’m not a squanderer of God’s anointing and mantle that’s upon my life. Of course, it's not our intention. Nevertheless, we have to examine ourselves to make sure we're not spending more time being rescued than not. Can you go there with me?

Let's examine a few other potential anointing squanderers. King Saul and his disobedience was an anointing squanderer, Joab and his rebellion, Judas Iscariot and his treachery. All of these men took their anointing and squandered it for their own gain. Ultimately God’s grace is sufficient for us all whether we are being rescued from the attack of the enemy or because of our disobedience and/or squandering the anointing that’s on our life, his faithful love covers us all. That’s why I thank the Lord for His mercy and grace.


Let's start with King Saul. Saul was a foot taller than all the men of his generation. They all looked at him and peer pressured him to become King. He was anointed as King by the Prophet Samuel. But in his disobedience, he lost his anointing to a better man, a man after Gods own heart.

By the time it was all over he was consulting the dead. He asked them if he would survive his next battle because of his disobedience. When the spirit answered him, he would not receive the answer he was looking for. The conjured spirit in the form of Samuel said to him, "You will be here with me today,” speaking of the grave. And Saul had no more strength in him. This is always the result that follows when you go in the direction of misusing God's anointing. I Samuel 9 Enough said, anointing squandered!


Now for Joab, as many of you know I wrote about him in my new book In the Spirit of Leadership: Inspiring Lessons for God's Mighty Men and Women. You get a whole chapter on what not to do, speaking of Joab. He was an extremely talented and anointed general of King David. He had a very strong support system from his brothers Asahel and Abishai. But it turned out to be a whole lot of trouble too.

Joab had his short comings and one of them was: he had problems carrying out orders from his authority, King David. On several occasions he was given specific orders to be carried out. But with his stubburn nature, he did his own thing, a lot. The irony of the whole situation is the rebellion in his life would bring him to his demise in the end.

Once again King David would try to promote someone to command his armies, speaking of Abner. But Joab interfered with the promotion. King David made an alliance with Abner and sent the general on his way to unite the tribes Judah and Israel. But Joab heard of it and brought sabotage. He saw Abner and welcomed him with a greeting of a brother then he stabs him killing him in revenge of his brother Asahel.

The King said to his men, do you not realize that a prince and a great man has fallen in Israel this day? And today though I am the anointed King, I am weak, and these sons of Zeruiah are too strong for me. May the Lord repay the evil doers according to his evil deeds. As biblical history tells us, Joab was truly an anointing squanderer!


Judas Iscariot, one of the chosen disciples of our Lord. It makes you wonder if he was chosen so that he could be the one that denied our Lord and Savior. In making that statement, I believe I know the answer.

We know by the word of God that our Lord tempts no man; He may test us but not tempt us. He is not the author of destruction. He comes that we may have life and that more abundantly. So, again we know by the word of God that Judas made that bad decision all by himself, well him and the devil! The word says that when Judas made the decision to betray Jesus, the Devil entered him.  

Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the twelve and Judas went to the chief priest and the officers of the temple guard and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus. They were delighted and agreed to give him money. He consented and watched for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to them, when no crowd was present. —Luke 22:3-6  Again, an anointing was squandered!


Now the reason for me writing this article is to get you and myself to check ourselves and make sure that we are not participating with the enemy in squandering the anointing that’s upon our life. I know many of you have said, "That doesn't apply to me." But have you thought about your talent or gifting. The truth about it all, we should never be wasteful about anything when it includes the things of the Lord. We can look at the people and their character that I mentioned and learn from their mistakes. There are very important lessons, things not to do and certain directions that we shouldn’t take. I hate to say it; but I’ve seen some of my friends and even kinsman that have gone in a wrong direction and made bad decisions. Many have even left this life prematurely and not fulfilled the call that was upon their life.


I want to end this article with a true story about someone that was very close to me. I won’t reveal their true name so that you won’t know who I’m talking about. Because I don’t want this story to hurt anyone. The only reason I’m telling it is because I believe it makes the very point I’m want to make and hopefully help someone.

I grew up knowing Miguel very well and he was just like family. He had an anointing upon his life. He was talented, privileged and his family had him set up for life. But there was one problem that was very wrong; my friend was a squanderer of the anointing. I won't go into details but simply put he led a wayward life. I think if I could compare this to another scripture, I would say the priest Eli story. You know the one who told Samuel, “When the voice speaks to you again say, 'Speak Lord your servant heareth.” Well Eli's sons were wicked and while their father was priest his sons were sleeping with women in the Temple. Because he half-heartedly disciplined them and they kept doing the evil they were doing; he died for it. When the Ark was taken by the enemy and Eli heard news of it he fell back in his chair and broke his neck; for he was over weight.

Well this is comparable to what I am speaking about in squandering. Back to the story, I heard that before Miguel was born a word was spoken to the parent that said, "This child is holy and set apart." It breaks my heart to say that the last time I saw my friend we were all sitting around in front of their house with family and fellowshipping with his priestly parents.

That was all great; but while we were sitting there among other things he did that were totally disrespectful, he walked up with a marijuana joint that was lit. He asked me if I wanted a hit. I was dumb founded but not surprised. I slapped it out of his hand and beckoned for my wife to head to the car to leave. In my mind, I left so I wouldn’t have to slap my friend back into his senses.

The sad thing about this story is my friend ended up losing his life prematurely within a year. This did not have to be. I prayed and cried and prayed and cried with this person on many occasions. It did not have to end that way. The moral of this story is not to squander the gifts, the talents and the anointing that has been placed upon your life. Because, if you do you may lose more than you were expecting. The anointing is for a Kingdom purpose alone. And Jesus said so beautifully, I can only do what I see my Father do. And so should we!

Abiding in His anointing,

Rev. Varn E Brown, SR.

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