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8 Practical Ways To Still Serve As Leader

8 Practical Ways To Still Serve As Leader by Varn and Earma Brown

Does your leadership still have SERVE in it? Sometimes as leaders we lose sight of servanthood. Read Varn and Earma's latest edition of the Core Value Series for practical ways to still SERVE as leader...


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Lead as Jesus Did

Did you lose sight of servant hood when you became a leader? Many leaders lose the correct view of serving once they are promoted to leadership. They lose sight of our chief example Jesus. He not counting himself equal with God took on the very nature of a servant. (Phil. 2:7) How much more should we as leaders in the Body of Christ do the same? Servant hood is an attitude in which each leader should seek to continue.

To cultivate the spirit of servant hood in your leadership, do these eight practical things more and more:

Lead by Example. Little children emulate their parents and big brothers and sisters in a family. In the same way, the little children of God do what they see their spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters do. Stay aware that you have little children in the faith watching what you do. Train them up right. Let them see you serving your spouse or your immediate family. Be careful to allow them to see you giving in the offerings and engaging in worship. Before you know it you will have a whole flock of the children of God following you as you follow Christ because God can trust you to lead by example. (1 Cor. 11:1)

Lead in Obedience. Continue to grow in your character through obedience to God. None of us have arrived so we must continue to work with God; growing in our character as the Holy Spirit leads. If there's something about yourself you don't like and you know you need to change, commit to change. Perhaps you still struggle with a temper, selfishness or even bouts of pride. Practice what you preach allow the Holy Spirit to work on you. Be a living epistle (consistently changing and evolving for the better) not a history book. (2 Cor. 3:2,3)

Lead through Mentorship. I encourage you to be open to mentorship. As leaders, Father God will send his dear ones to learn from you. Take another look at the one that's somehow always around—copying what you do. The Holy Spirit may be prompting you to impart to them. Take a little extra time and talk to them. Find out where they want to go in God. It may be somewhere you've been and God wants YOU to show them the way or at least point the way.

Lead as Jesus Did. Jesus humbled himself and took on the nature of a servant. Remember how the Apostle John described in detail the Last Supper where Jesus took off his outer garments and wrapped the servant's towel around his waist. He took the water basin and knelt before the nearest disciple to wash his feet. He washed all of the disciples' feet; then standing up he charged them with following his example.


The Spirit of Servanthood Inspires Obedience

Many have written wanting to know how to gain more of a spirit of serving in their ministry, department or group. First of all, I want you to know Earma and I believe God has commissioned us to GO feed His sheep. In response to that call, we have been conducting Armorbearer and Ministry of Helps workshops whereby we teach and impart the spirit of armorbearing.

Furthermore, I encourage you to lead by example. From experience, many times we want those who follow us as we follow Christ to just-do-what-we-say. When it's a known fact that most of us do more of what we see. If you want more of an attitude of service among your ministry staff, volunteers and others commit to do these things:

Serve More. Start with your family. Surprise them; look for opportunities to serve them in ways you haven't before. For example, you've come home tired from a long day...go the extra mile find something undone and offer to do it. What does this have to do with your staff and volunteers? You'll see. As you serve more the spirit of serving will flow from your home to everything you do and beyond.

Check your obedience. Do you want the spirit of obedience to run rampant among your ranks? Whether it's our children, our staff or volunteers, we all desire to see more of the spirit of obedience in those we lead, right. Then check your obedience. Have you obeyed God in all known areas? Have you followed through in the last thing assigned to you by your chain of authority or mentor? If not, ask God for a fresh spirit of obedience in your life. Get ready to see a God ordained difference...

Commit to faithfulness. Your commitment to faithfulness will be modeled by everyone you influence. God called Abraham faithful by what he continued to do as well as what he believed. He finally said about him, "I know him (Abraham); he is faithful. He will teach his children and all those with him how to be faithful...

In His Service

Varn Brown



Lead by protecting the 3 Gs. The three Gs are gentleness, graciousness and generosity. To protect these qualities in your life, you must stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He will help you cultivate a gentle spirit, maintain a gracious (kind) attitude and operate in a giving spirit. If you don't protect these Christ-like qualities you might find yourself wanting to beat the sheep in line or bang them over the head to get them to do what you need them to do.

Lead through your Authority Chain. As a good leader you have setup your authority chain, delegating where you see fit. Now, after you've delegated, do your best to allow your delegated authority to operate in their given measure of rule. I mean don't interfere. Impart to, train and even guide your leaders but let them rule.

Lead as an Ambassador. Recognize you are an Ambassador of our Lord. Increase as a gracious representative of Christ. Pray for and allow God's kindness and gentleness, his compassion to flow anew through you.

Lead while guarding your heart. Guard your heart against offense, un-forgiveness and pride. Remember out of your heart flows the issues of life. If we allow un-forgiveness or pride to stay in our heart it will open the door for other sins. Furthermore, Father God holds leaders to a higher standard; for the issues flowing from their heart affect so many more people.

God is raising up leaders and supporters in His Church. Put the above eight tips above into practice: Lead more and more by example, in obedience, through mentorship, by doing what Jesus did, by protecting the 3 Gs, through your authority chain, as an ambassador and guarding your heart. Last but not least, while you are growing a great leadership team, remember to continue leading in the spirit of servanthood.

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