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Armorbearer Book - In the Spirit of Armorbearing by Earma Brown

From: Varn and Earma Brown, Founders
Armorbearers International

Re:  (Armorbearer Book: In the Spirit of Armorbearing - Newly Revised and Expanded)

Dear Fellow Servant of God,

Have you wanted understandable instructions about being an armor-bearer? In the Spirit of Armorbearing, a ministry of helps and armorbearer book embraces the concept that God appoints leaders and supporters. It is designed to inspire armor-bearers, assistants, ministry staff and volunteers to a stronger support of God's leaders. This powerful resource brings the ancient term armor bearer from its early century origins into modern day use and application.

Note: Hi, my name is Earma Brown. For over 20 years Varn, my husband and I served and led small groups in the Ministry of Helps. We operated as armor-bearers and ministry assistants to the Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes of Covenant Church in Texas for a number of years. Varn served over 15 years as a personal assistant to Pastor Hayes and his family.

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Varn and Earma, Founders
Armorbearers International

We both served our local church as a part of its small group ministry leadership overseeing several groups focused on prayer, womens ministry, writing, feeding and clothing the poor for 18 years. Through these numerous experiences, God has given us a special compassion and understanding for the Helps and Volunteer ministries in the church. Now He has commissioned us to feed His sheep by training other armorbearers and helpers in His Kingdom. We currently teach workshops and participate in conferences on the subject of servant leadership, Helps and armorbearing in the local church.

Armorbearer Book by Earma Brown
Revised and Expanded | New

In our books, In the Spirit of Armorbearing and In the Spirit of Leadership, we explore principles of armor-bearing, servant leadership and ministry of helps. We present understandable instructions on how to become God's gift of support to His leaders. For simply put, a modern day armor-bearer and servant leader is one called by God to support His leader(s).

Please take a moment and discover how we have taken our 20 years of Helps ministry experience and lessons learned from the Holy Spirit to develop the Armorbearer Training Series books just for you.

How to Organize Your Armorbearer's Team

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Nice compliment about the Armorbearer Book
Rev Terry Nance
Focus on the Harvest

"...A blessing to the Body of Christ."

--Rev. Terry Nance, Author
God's Armorbearer series
Focus on the Harvest Ministries


.With the In the Spirit of Armor Bearing book you will discover how to:

  • Develop the character of Christ that will strengthen your ability to carry the anointing.

  • Receive the passion the Early Church deacons possessed.

  • Gain the success that follows those who walk in God's flow of authority.

  • Be God's assistant, intercessor, and helper in the battle of faith by helping His leaders.

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Nice comment about the Armorbearer Book
Pastor Perry Mallory

" a passion in my heart for armorbearing. May God richly bless you."

--Pastor Perry Mallory
Helps Institute Founder
New York


This ministry of helps guidebook rallies armorbearers, assistants, helps ministries, ministry support staffs and volunteers to participate in building a strong chain of support for God's leaders.

What would happen, if you discovered every time you volunteered in God's Kingdom even to the smallest act of bringing a disciple of Christ a drink of water, it was noted by God? It would change the way you served. Right.

Earma Brown reveals exactly that throughout her first book "In the Spirit of Armorbearing." She has combined insights learned from the Holy Spirit and fifteen-plus years of serving in the ministry of helps. The result is a revelatory study of armorbearing and ministry of helps principles conveyed as only a servant of Christ like Brown can.

Find out how to:

  • Build loyalty in ministry that will pass life's test.
  • Follow in the footsteps of proven music minister Carmen who links his ministry's success to serving in his local church first.
  • Gain a reputation in your ministry of service that will qualify you for greater service in God.
  • Gain the success that follows those who walk in God's flow of authority.
  • Be God's assistant, intercessor, and helper in the battle of faith by helping His leaders.
  • Allow God to use your ordinary service tasks to accomplish the extraordinary in your life.

All of these principles and more are explained in the book "In the Spirit of Armorbearing." It presents understandable instructions on how to be God's armorbearer to His leaders. Experience today the joy of serving your leaders in the spirit of armorbearing.

Review of the Armorbearer book
Pastors Jerry
& Jessye Ruffin

"...In the Spirit of Armorbearing restores truth and passion to the calling of being a servant."

--Pastors Jerry & Jessye Ruffin, Biblical Counseling and Restoration


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In Christ,

Founders of Armorbearers International!

Varn & Earma Brown

Armorbearers International

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