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Gaining The God Perspective

What’s your God perspective? You do know that it is very good to have one. If you have a bad one, in the realms of your faith you may get what you’re thinking or speaking. That goes for good or bad...

The Five Powers Of Ask

Get your plans, your strategies from God. He'll take you by the hand and help you. There are times you won't have to fight for the battle is the Lord's. There are other times you must fight the good fight of faith, using weapons that not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

Drawing A Bigger Circle

Have you been given the opportunity to change your mind about a group of people, recently? Did you recognize the opportunity? The truth is we're all given opportunities at different times to change our heart for the better...first posted in 2007. Join 6558 others who read this article. Don't forget to post a comment and hit the LIKE button at the top...

Walking Congruent With Your Anointing

A man of God and his sons were the priest of the land. His name was Eli, the priest; his sons were Hophni and Phinehas. The word of God said, they were scoundrels before the Lord. They did evil before the Lord. Even though they were sons of a priest, they did wicked things before the Lord. In that day, it was customary, that the people brought meat as an offering, and put it into a pot to be cooked.

As it cooked, the priest would put a three pronged fork into the pot and pull out a portion for themselves.  But the sons of Eli were wicked and would say, give me the meat before you put it into the pot, (so they could do with it as they wanted) and if they didn’t give them the meat, they would say, I will take it. This was very evil before the Lord, for they were treating the Lord with contempt.

We Fight As One

In a war we should all stand together and fight as one. We fight as an undivided unit to defeat the enemy. The enemy knows that he must defeat the strong man to possess his house. In the kingdom of God, we are the-strong-man in our house. You do know that a house divided against itself will not stand. That is the main reasons why the enemy wants to cause division in the house of God...

Warring With The Word Of God

There are confirming forces at work for us (the Lord Jesus who prays for us and the angels who minister to and for us) and there are opposing forces (the devil and his co-horts) at work against us.  There's the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness...

The Gifting And Talents of God

Do you know that God has given us all a measure of faith, and talents?

Remember, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘all you need is a mustard seed measure of faith.’ Then you can say to the mountain, ‘be thou removed and cast into the sea, and it shall obey you.’

The Lord has given us a measure of talents, as well. Now the question is, how much of it are you using for the kingdom of God. In faith he has given us all a measure. It’s left up to us how much of it we activate in our life, to bring forth fruit for his glory...

The Praying Warrior And The Battle At Ziklag

They arrived at camp and found everyone gone. Not a soul was left in the camp. It was obvious they were taken by force. The camp was a wreck and burned to the ground. The men began to weep, including David. All of his wives and his men’s wives and family were taken by the enemy, the Amalekites...

Why So Militant

David fought so many wars. He wasn't able to build the Temple, at least one of the reasons was, the Lord said he was a bloody man! So, his son was given the assignment, Solomon. Solomon’s generation had not experienced the awfulness of war. Their responsibility would be not losing the glory of God in a season of convenience, peace and pleasure.

Passing The Baton

Have you seen a race where they pass the baton, one to another, recently? It truly amazes me to see how our little child hood games can speak to us in life, if we allow it to. In this race of passing the baton, the main objective is the team with the baton to cross the finish line with the help of each other. The one who crosses the finish line first with the baton wins. Another thing to realize, is the greatest opportunity for mishap is during the pass. It takes skill, focus and determination to successfully pass to the receiver.

Now what does that symbolize spiritually to you and me. The word of God tells us to run the race with all diligence, being prepared in all diligence. What’s symbolic of it, is a race that’s not run by ourselves, it includes others, so not only our generation but the ones to come...

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