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Be Ye Sober

When I say “Be ye filled; do not be drunk” I’m not speaking of alcohol only, but be not drunk on food, drugs, sex, the party life, any thing that may be out of control in your life. Our life as Christians should be a life of balance and it should show. I have this saying and I do my best to live by it. My confession is “I want to only be controlled by the Holy Spirit, not controlled by anything else.”

Be Bold As A Lion

Connie, a dear friend, and I ministered together in the Dallas jail and prisons in the early Nineties. When she walked in a room, people automatically gave her their attention. Even if most people did not know her in the room, she commanded this kind of respect. For example, if there were a line of inmates they scanned her face to see if she was a judge or an assigned legal counsel.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

I’ve noticed a few things over the years of ministry in the area of father wounds. First of all, I've noticed that a root of the wound stays there because of un-forgiveness. In our human bodies, God put a natural propensity to heal itself. Hence, we have scabs and the drying and healing of wounds. The same happens in our inner man. But when that natural healing is blocked, hindered, re-opened, the wound festers, right? So it is with the father wound.

Come Out From Among Them

My cup of sin was full; it had run it’s course in my life. The Lord decided that it was time for my life to be harvested for the Kingdom of God. So the hedges were removed; the enemy was used to drive me into the arms of Jesus and I went. Sin had caught up with me; so I had no choice but to surrender. I came out with my hands raised up to the Lord and said, "Lord I surrender and I’m still saying it to this day."

The Beatitudes Part 1

The Beatitudes is a beautiful road map that our Lord and Savior created for us as a guide that we can live by. Each one of them can be applied to our daily life. I recommend that we start using this as a list to make sure we are applying them to our life. Now picture yourself on the Sea of Galilee in the tall grass of the rolling hills of Galilee, sitting at the feet of Jesus. Can you see it?

Serve With A Good Attitude

Wear Godly garments. Be careful of the attitude you wear when serving your leader. One of my previous team leaders said often, "I am careful of my attitude and mindset when I serve my leaders because whether I intend to or not I often transfer it to them...

The Day God Almost Killed Moses

Are you a sluggard when it comes to doing the Lord’s will? The reason I’m asking this question is, it may not seem to be a serious matter, if you are an ordinary person. You may shrug your shoulders when you hear or feel the wooing of the Holy Spirit...

Learning To Just Be In The Kingdom Of God

Years ago, I was reminiscing on my past when I first accepted Jesus Christ in my life. I vividly remember the different stages of life. I went through changes, sanctifications and more. The Lord took me through it all; some were difficult and some flowed naturally.

Be Steadfast

Did you receive a word of prophecy so long ago that it looks like it may never come to pass? Whatever your case may be, the point is it has been an extended length of time. Whether it has been months that was expected to be weeks or years that you expected to be months, I encourage you to re-apply the NOW factor of faith. You know the ‘I believe I received when I prayed’ principle, we’ve all been taught. Then dream again; believe again; receive again...

The Opportunity of Rebuke

A few days ago, I was in this place sitting down about to eat and a couple of young adults were eating. I hate to say it but they were eating like children with no manners. They were glutting their food. One of them had a large platter of shrimp and she would slosh her hand into the plate to pick up the shrimp like a shovel. She would wipe the excess on the table cloth and gorge her mouth with it. Then they both would do the same thing again! I watched them for a moment; then I got up.

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