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We The Sheep Part 3 The Power of Congregation

We invite you to join us in a 2013 resolution! As a Christian believer, we resolve to take advantage of yet another benefit that Christ's death purchased for us. As Pastor Mike Hayes says, "Christ died not only that we might believe but also that we may belong to the family of God." Plug into the power of Christ's congregation and belong. Be sure to read Varn's testimony of beginning the year 2012 in a coma and ending it with a grateful heart and fresh revelation of the power of God's congregation...

We The Sheep Part 2

In the kingdom of God, Jesus our Lord and Savior speaks about His sheep all the time. He talks about their character, the way they act, the kind they are and the fruit they bear. When I speak about sheep I am not speaking about the animal only but us as children of God and the character as a person in Christ that he has given us.

Helps Ministry Magazine 3

Helps Ministry Magazine 3 is live! Ready to read about The Leadership Principles of Prince Jonathan? I know, I know all the talk has been about his famous covenant brother King David (who wasn't even king yet when he knew him) and his backslidden father King Saul who disqualified the whole family. So what did Prince Jonathan do that qualified him to be honored as an exemplary leader and caused his lineage to be invited to a future king's table forever...

We The Sheep Part I

One of my fondest memories as a young girl is the traditional picture of Jesus leading the sheep and carrying a lamb in His arms. The painter captured the gentleness and care Jesus has for the sheep. Whenever, I’m feeling lost in the maze of life, the Holy Spirit has been faithful to remind me of Christ my Chief Shepherd.

The Greatest Mystery And Revelation Are You Saved

Are you a Christian? Are you born again? Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Even though all of these questions have basically the same answer, the answer in your life and my life is very important.

Bethel Is A Birthing Place

Have you been to your Bethel spiritually?

I know you are asking the question, "Varn what is a Bethel? Well the short answer is, "Bethel means the  House of God." It is a place were God meets with you. Jacob  proclaimed in verse 16 of Genesis 28, "Surely the Lord was in this place and I was not aware of it." Jacob is in a place of his life where he needs to hear from the God of his father. He's fleeing from trouble; so he comes upon this place and puts a stone down to sleep. He has a dream where he sees a stairway to heaven where angels are ascending and descending.

Longevity Is An Anointing

What does the word longevity mean to you? Looking to Webster's dictionary, longevity means long life.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it more full. —John 10:10

When I think of the word longevity coming from a spiritual perspective in Christ, I think of things like, growth in the Word of God. I mean not just reading the Word of God but making sure we are actually doing the Word through actions.

Bearing Fruit In The Kingdom of God

Is it fruit that will remain? We serve in a Kingdom of sowing and reaping. God plants the seed and expects a harvest. He gave us His only begotten Son. Through his burial and resurrection he gave us eternal life unto salvation.

Are You A Submitted Son Or Daughter?

Are you submitted to the Fathers will or are you doing your own thing? To submit means to yield to the control or power of another, give in. In this case give in to God’s will.

Is Your Name Written In The Lamb's Book of Life

Yesterday, I was working and in the process of it these words came to me. Since I was working, I had to make an effort to write the words down. I’ve learned to obey the Holy Spirit when He speaks. The title of this article came to me and sent me on a journey.

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