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A Devotion to Serve: Serve With A Gracious Spirit

Do you realize you are an ambassador for Christ and your leader? Graciousness simply means to be kind, courteous, and compassionate. We should seek to serve our pastors, leaders and each with the attitude of love. I know it sounds like a girly term. But it's not. Remember gentleness doesn't sound that manly either. But gentleness means strength under control.

The Spirit of Joab, Part II

Just in case, you are tuning in for the first time, we established last month that when we Church folk say someone is operating in the spirit of Joab; we are usually saying they are walking in disobedience, rebellion or sabotage of a godly plan. May I be blunt? Even if you have team members or you yourself have been yielding to the spirit of Joab, know that with good leadership and prayer these circumstances can be corrected...

Encountering Gods Presence

What happens when we encounter God’s presence? Do we fall; do we bow to our knees; do we cry or weep; or are we just silent? This is a serious question, I’m asking. Have you encountered Him, lately?  Have you sensed His presence? Would you know if He Jesus entered your room? I’m speaking of Jesus the person and the person of the Holy Spirit. Selah.  As you may know it (selah) rooted from Hebrew means to ponder, reflect, meditate or contemplate.

Are You A Fruitful Tree In Gods Kingdom

What type of fruit are you bearing? Are you producing at all? One thing is for sure; you should look at it from God’s perspective and not man’s perspective. Why, because He will be the judge. The Word of God says the Lord knows our motives and the Holy Spirit can discern between soul and spirit.

Armrbr Ezine: Are You A Fruitful Tree In Gods Kingdom

  • News Item
  • July 13, 2011

Are You a Fruitful Tree In God's KingdomGreeting Saints! I pray this news note finds you enjoying life and growing in God's calling.

We invite you to visit our new community site called Ministry of Helps Network Father God has called us to enlarge our territory. So, visit us at the Ministry of Helps Network: Greet, Chat, Pray and Grow with other Christians, Local Church Pastors, Leaders and Helpers. Browse around, create a group for your specific church or ministry team, ask a question, post your church or ministry group's pictures, promote your church or ministry for your area and more.

It's Time to Worship

Calling all worshippers! No, I don’t just mean musicians but those who worship God. You know who you are… I’ve been in a season of worship in my life. It doesn’t matter where I am, whether in the car, on the job, in the church or at the altar. God’s presence is so awesome; all I can do is weep. I find myself weeping, even if it’s before worship in our church service.

Pants on the Ground

Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development. --David Gottesman   Not long ago, I was at a popular gas station called Race Trac. This particular gas station...

Testing What You Hear In the Light

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. ─1 John 4: 1 Have you thought you heard God, lately? Only to discover it wasn’t God at all....

Building An Expectancy to Hear God

Do you expect to hear from God? If you do, then great this should be an encouraging confirmation. If not, you should. God wants communication with us (His people.) You know that's what prayer is, communication with our God. Jesus said fifteen tim...

The Mission of Fatherhood

What is a father? Before we address how important the father is, let’s examine the meaning of a father. According to Webster’s dictionary, a father is an ancestor, an originator, founder or inventor, sire, progenitor, procreator, forebear, h...
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